Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Potty Training My Daughter

For a 1st time mom, everyday brings new challenges and everyday we learn new lessons. I fondly remember every milestone my baby reached and also those hard work behind their success. I also remember about potty training my daughter. It took almost 6 months to be patience and train her!

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It all started when my daughter began to stand up around 12 months of age and took her first step. As she started get going...
it was not possible at all to stop the busy toddler. When she was a baby in bed, crawling and playing, all her pooping activities used to be in bed, in her nappy (in laying position) but now when she realized the enjoyment of walking and moving around, even while pooping, she didn't have the patience of standing in one place and finish off the job! I was so tired running behind her and clearing off the messy poop!!
I brought a portable potty seat for her, but she thought mommy has brought a new toy!! she would play with it, keep her small toys inside it, beat it like a drum etc etc, but when i tried to make her sit on it, she would scream and stand up. Full 1 month it continued! But as doctors say, we should never force our child to do or learn anything, every child is unique and every child learns in his own pace, so i kept waiting and trying...

1. I kept an eye on the signs of readiness for her to use the potty seat.

2. I made a routine to make her sit on the potty seat (with her cloths on) everyday which she supposed to be "her new TOY" and sing songs for her, make her play and mean while at the time of her pooping i used to hold her thighs up in my lap and asked her to poop. In this way she learnt to poop in one place quietly and not running around!

3. Till she was 14 months old, she was able to hold and inform me that she wants to poop. She would say aaa.poti and make facial muscles tight which gave me signals she wants to poop.

4. I started to take her to our washroom along with me and literally demonstrated how mommy use the toilet and how you should too try it.

5. I also started with the exercise of asking her to pee in the potty seat after every an hour, it saved my many cloths dippers and slowly and gradually she learnt that her "New Toy" is basically a place to pee.

6. Then she completed 15 months of age and i started asking her to poop in her potty seat. Yeah she started to poop in the potty seat, but after 30sec she used to get up and say "potty ho gaya" (means potty done) but while wiping off, again she used to poop!! That was another few challenging weeks when i couldn't make her sit for a long duration patiently.

7. I gave her toys to play with while sitting in the potty seat, started to play with her, attracted her attention towards some home video of her in my mobile and this is how by the time she completed 19 months of age i managed to keep her sitting in her potty seat till she completely finished pooping.

Trial and error method, and learning from every experience, finally made by baby potty trained. Raima's potty seat remains in a fixed place and today when feels the urge to poop, takes the  potty seat and sits herself on it ( i just only have to take her pants off which she can't at present). Even some times, after 5-7 minutes when she doesn't gets up and i ask her to get up, she says "potty isn't over yet" !!
Being portable, i take the potty seat along with us in long journey, it is very useful as now my daughter nags she wont poop in dipper even when out of home. Once she completes 3 yrs of age i will slowly start to teach her to use the public toilet as she will be going to her play school then.
so, this is my journey of potty training my baby. What is yours?

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