Thursday, February 13, 2014

Custard Apple snack for baby

Usually we have custard as a dessert, but i tried to experiment it with a little twist and serve my daughter in the evening. She mostly finish off her lunch at 1 pm, play a little, have a cup of milk and take a nap at around 3 pm. In the evening when she wakes up around 5 pm, it is snack time for her. So this is how i make apple custard for my 19 month old toddler.

1. Peel, core and slice half of an apple. Half of an apple is enough for a toddler.

2. Pressure cook or steam the apple slice and puree it. I generally do not take out the blender for just half of an apple, instead i mash it up in a sieve. this is less messy.

3. Now prepare the custard ad per the instructions given on the packet. ( generally i warm up 1 cup of milk and dissolve 1 spoon of custard powder in it and then bring it to boil, custard powder should be dissolved in warm milk only, if the milk gets too hot, the powder will turn into lumps and won't dissolve)

4. Now mix in the apple puree with the custard. Let it cool. add few drops of vanilla essence and serve it to the baby. If the baby is ok with chilled food stuff, you can also refrigerate it for half an hour, it tastes better when chilled.

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