Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to make Desi Ghee for babies and toddlers

Pure Cow's Milk's Ghee
All moms are highly conscious to provide best possible nutrition to their babies, and many moms even chose fat free diet for kids too. But the fact is in a balanced diet for not only the kids but for parents too, little amount of fat is required for proper functioning of the body. Desi ghee or clarified butter is known for its miraculous properties since ages in Ayurveda (the ancient Indian medical science).
 Desi Ghee is the best among lipid media and increases the good cholesterol HDL(high density lipoprotein) in our body. It enhances absorption of fat soluble vitamins like Vit E and prevents oxidation of LHL (low density lipoprotein) which is the main cause of heart attacks. This may sound very surprising to many people but there are lots of information in the web about the health benefits of desi ghee, but with a condition that it should be taken in limited quantity. For kids 1-2 tea spoon ghee per day is enough for health. Today i will share my Ghee making steps.

1. Everyday after boiling and cooling the milk if we keep it refrigerated, then nice layer of thick malai gets collected on the top of the milk, i collect this malai and keep it in a bowl and keep collecting everyday till the bowl is filled.

2. Now take all the cream out in a big kadai and whisk it with a whisker or a spatula like here i have done. Few of my friends ask why we don't do it in a blender? because it will be a very sticky and messy job in it.

After about 3-5mins of whisking we get the cream out in the form of lumps.

3. Now we have to clean the cream with cold water. Sometimes i use cold refrigerated water but normal water too will serve the purpose. Just put a cup of water and whisk the cream again. You will get clean cream and left out whey which is to be discarded. If we do not clean the cream then lots of residue gets collected during the heating process.

4.Discard the water and again repeat the procedure with another cup of water. Wash it and discard the water.

5. Now put the kadai on low flame and wait for the magic. The cream melts and starts to boil and finally after about 10-15 minutes you will get the aroma of pure ghee. When the mixture is no longer boiling, it is the time to put the flame off. Since we have thoroughly cleaned the cream very first, the residue left is very less. Strain the residue and store the ghee in a dry and clean container.

Pure cow's milk's ghee is yellow in color while buffalo's milk's ghee is off white in color. In Ayurveda cow's milk's ghee is considered to be the best for anybody. I use this ghee to make soups for my 2 years old daughter Raima as well as include in our family meal. Along with a nice aroma to the food it is very healthy ( but as i said, too much is always bad, I use only 2 spoon per day for my daughter's meal).

Cow's milk's ghee

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